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Ottawa Condos That Provide Unbeatable Value

There is no longer a need to compromise when you buy your new condo. We offer the absolute best value for Ottawa condos and we guarantee it in writing. Not only will you get the highest quality at the lowest prices but you’ll also get tons of free upgrades, eco friendly features, and the ability to custom design your entire suite at no extra charge. Take advantage of all these features and save money now.


Unbeatable Prices

We guarantee the lowest prices in Ottawa on any comparable condo. Save 25% or more.


Lowest Condo Fees

Save money with condo fees up to half the price of other buildings.


Highest Quality

We promise the highest level of construction and finish quality.


The Most Finishes & Colours

We offer more choice and selection than any other builder in Ottawa


Custom Design Your Layout

Get an architect to custom design your unit layout for free.


Ottawa’s Best Locations

Our projects are always in Ottawa’s most desirable neighbourhoods.


unbeatable prices

don’t pay more for your ottawa condo

Take a look at our prices, where you can save $206,000 or more, and you’ll instantly realize that you’re getting the best deal in Ottawa. We guarantee that you will not find a better price for a comparable Ottawa condo unit anywhere.

In addition to our amazing prices you also benefit from exceptional quality, the greatest selection of finishes and colour as well as the unique opportunity to custom design your unit.

compare our prices

DeveloperCondo NameAverage Price 500 sfAverage Price 700 sfAverage Price 900 sf
MintoMinto at Lansdowne$288,799.90$404,319.86$519,839.82
EQ HomesGreystone Village$284,307.90$398,031.06$511,754.22
MastercraftSoho Champagne$283,363.50$396,708.90$510,054.30
 TamarackTamarack Wellington$268,159.19$375,422.87$482,686.55
Ashcroft HomesQ West$255,896.83$358,255.57$460,614.30
MintoMinto Upperwest$251,846.69$352,585.37$453,324.04
RichcraftThe Bowery$240,033.32$336,046.65$432,059.98
DomicileCorners on Main$221,354.97$309,896.95$398,438.94
ClaridgeFusion Lebreton Flats$217,768.29$304,875.60$391,982.91
SurfaceEdge Lebreton Flats$211,924.35$296,694.09$381,463.83 
Surface Hampton Park Lofts$174,708.99$244,592.59$314,476.19





save 25% or more on your next condo


lowest condo fees

don’t pay rent on top of your mortgage

Condos can be expensive. Having to pay high condo fees on top of your mortgage makes it even worse. Ottawa condos can have fees that cost anywhere from $207 to $445 per month, for 900 square feet. That can make it difficult to afford the condo you really want or it will leave you feeling house poor. Our condo fees are the lowest in Ottawa and will leave up to $238 in your pocket every month.

compare our condo fees

DeveloperCondo NameMonthly Fee 500 sf.Monthly Fee 700 sf.Monthly Fee 900 sf.
MastercraftSoho Champagne$245.00 $343.00$441.00
MintoMinto at Lansdowne$220.00$308.00$396.00
EQ HomesGreystone Village$220.00$308.00$396.00
 TamarackTamarack Wellington$210.00$294.00$378.00
MintoMinto Upperwest$210.00$294.00$378.00
DomicileCorners on Main$210.00$280.00$360.00
ClaridgeFusion Lebreton Flats$200.00$252.00$324.00
RichcraftThe Bowery$180.00$196.00$252.00
Ashcroft HomesQ West$140.00$196.00$252.00
SurfaceHampton Park Lofts$125.00$175.00$225.00
Surface Edge Lebreton Flats$115.00$161.00$207.00





save 40% or more on your condo fees


highest quality

fully upgraded is our standard

We’ll never sacrifice quality to offer you our unbeatable prices. You can be assured that our low prices come with the promise that our condos are built to the highest standard.

pre-upgraded suites

When you buy your new condo you shouldn’t have to worry that the price is going to double when it comes to selecting your finishes and colours. We make sure you’re saving money every step of the way so all of our suites come fully pre-upgraded so you don’t have to spend an extra penny when customizing your layout and choosing materials. The majority of our clients that purchase our Ottawa condos never upgrade a single thing. It’s a testament to not only the quality we offer but the variety as well.

  • Real wood kitchen & bathroom cabinets
  • Quartz countertops
  • Soft close drawers and doors
  • Hardwood flooring
  • Luxury fixtures
  • Large format porcelain tiles
  • Custom wall size bathroom mirrors
  • Sliding glass shower doors

quality construction

All of our buildings are planned from the ground up to demonstrate excellence not only in design but quality of construction as well. Our Ottawa condos are made to maximize user comfort and convenience and take advantage of the latest advances in construction technology. Our numerous awards from the Greater Ottawa Home Builders Association and our flawless track record with the Tarion new home warranty program are evidence of this commitment.

  • Superior sound insulation
  • EIFS wall system for extra insulation
  • Limestone cladding & timber details
  • Exposed spiral ducting
  • Oversized windows

green features

We care about the environment every bit as much as you do and we make it easy for you to feel good about the fact that your new home is helping to make a difference. Our condos come packed with free features that are not only good for the environment but that also save you money in the long run in bill payments and operating costs.

  • Upgraded ultra efficient hydronic furnace
  • LED lighting
  • Low flush toilets
  • Low flow fixtures
  • Low VOC paints
  • Formaldehyde-free cabinets, & non-toxic water-based glues & finishes
  • Cabinets from responsibly harvested solid wood & post-consumer recycled material

most finishes & colours

unbeatable choice & selection

Don’t get stuck paying tens of thousands of dollars extra to get the quality and design that you’re looking for in your new condo. Other Ottawa condo developers limit your choices to a few options and then charge huge upgrade fees if you want to customize or get higher quality finishes. This can add up to a lot of extra money that you weren’t expecting to pay. We give you your condo pre-upgraded and allow you to choose from hundreds of finish options to ensure that you get the unique look that’s right for you. You’ll be guided every step of the way by a professional designer for added inspiration and to ensure that your new condo looks exactly the way you want it to.

6,530,347,008 design options

Yup. We’re not kidding. You can expect an incredible 6,530,347,008 unique design options. When we say no two of our condo units are ever alike we really mean it. And the best part is you have all this selection from our standard design options – we haven’t even included the upgrade possibilities. When you purchase with us you can be assured that your new condo will look exactly the way you want it without you having to pay extra.

Looking for something truly custom?

You’re never stuck with just what we offer. When it comes to your home it has to be done right, that’s why unlike other developers when you ask for something that’s really important to you rather than no you’ll get a yes. Whether it’s a light fixture that’s dear to your heart, a fancy faucet you saw in a store, a custom finish you found on the internet, or the right kind of audio cable for your home theatre, we want to know what it will take to make your home truly yours. Call us now to discuss your custom finish options.


custom design

your condo your way

When you purchase your condo with us you get an opportunity that you simply can’t find anywhere else in Ottawa. You’ll have a chance to completely custom design your unit with the help of our president Jakub Ulak. Like having your own private architect, you’ll be able to make any changes to your unit that you want. These customization can range from something as simple as moving the location of a door to something as complex as moving an entire kitchen or bathroom. The best part is this exclusive service is absolutely free. You only pay when you add additional items to your condo layout.

in our projects no two units are ever alike

Everyone has individual needs, tastes, and desires. In no place is this more clearly reflected than in your home. Why is it then that buying a condo from most Ottawa condo developers includes no greater choice than when buying a cell phone? When making one of the single greatest investments of your life you should have the right to be assured that what you are buying has been expertly crafted and designed to meet every single one of your individual needs.

We’re proud to say that no two of our condo units look alike. And that’s because no two of our clients have ever been the same. All of our condos have been tailored with our buyers needs in mind and the results have been spectacular. Get in touch with us to find out how we can make your new home truly unique.

Here are just some of the examples of the flexibility we offer:

  • Custom design your kitchen and bathroom
    with the help of our expert designers
  • Make your bedroom larger
  • Increase the size of your closets
  • Add a powder room
  • Include some built-in furniture
  • Select some custom lighting
  • Audiophile? We can run your custom cables
  • Add pocket or glazed doors

You’re not limited to the suggestions above. If you can image it we can likely built it for you. Have fun finding your favourite designs on Pinterest or HGTV and then bring them to us to see how we can make them a reality or better yet let Jakub custom craft a unit just for you.

Check out the videos below to find out how you can benefit from having your condo custom designed for you and what our clients say about the process.


ottawa’s best locations

you don’t need to move to the suburbs to find a great deal

There is no longer the need to have to move to the suburbs to find the kind of affordability you’re looking for. Our condo projects are located in Ottawa’s best neighbourhoods in the centre of the city so you’re close to work, play, amenities, and all the action. We bring together the space and quality that you’re looking for in the neighbourhoods that you want to live in.

we build in ottawa’s best neighbourhoods

You’ll find our condo projects in all of your favourite neighbourhoods. If we’re not building one there now we will be soon. Register now to get the inside line on all future projects so you don’t miss out on upcoming deals.

  • Westboro
  • Centretown
  • The Byward Market
  • LeBreton Flats
  • Old Ottawa East
  • Old Ottawa South
  • The Glebe
  • Little Italy
  • Hintonburg

Don’t miss out on Ottawa’s best condo deals

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