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Our drive to offer you unparalleled value in your new condo purchase doesn’t end with low prices, high end finishes and free upgrades. We want to offer you an unmatched condo buying experience that also includes exceptional pre and after sale service and unique opportunities like having your condo custom designed for you for free. See what our clients have to say about what it’s like to buy a condo from Surface Developments and live in one of our unique creations.

What’s different about Surface?

with the ability to participate in the design … I see this more as a collaboration than a purchase

– John & Jill

What’s different about Surface?

is a very unique situation to be able to speak with the architect … it’s phenomenally exciting and you’re not going to be able to find that in a lot of places

– Sharon & Anne

What’s different about Surface?

At the heart of Surface Developments’ philosophy is a belief in the transformational potential of creative design and its capacity to create not only beautiful homes but also vibrant and exciting neighbourhoods

Ottawa Life Magazine

What’s different about Surface?

Before seing the unit for the first time I didn’t think that there would be much I can do with 480 sqft. But once I saw the finished product I was pretty amazed at the ingenuity behind the layout. The space is very open. The placement of the walls are extremely efficient, making full use of the space available, hence making the space feel a lot bigger than 480 sqft.

– Duc N.

What’s different about Surface?

Their condos are all about the bespoke experience provided by company president Jakub Ulak … incorporating creative, thoughtful, contemporary design

– Ottawa Citizen

What’s different about Surface?

Suites offer an affordable, but stylish alternative in an upscale neighbourhood … free customization allows condo buyers to choose environmentally friendly upgrades for more efficient, cost-effective living.

– Ottawa Metro

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